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  • The largest collection of photos and videos of wild New World Parrots — macaws, amazons and conures — from Central America, South America and the Caribbean. The photographs and videos contained within the Parrots International website represent some of the foremost images of wild parrots foraging, flying, playing, tending their nests, and demonstrating normal wild behavior.
  • The latest information regarding their status in the wild, conservation strategies, and current research and field projects.
  • The largest collection on the web of parrot-related publication and literature citations (on our Resources pages).
  • Information about the Parrots International Symposium — the annual parrot conservation convention, dedicated to the exchange of ideas and knowledge regarding wild and domestically raised companion parrots.

The 8th Parrots International Symposium will be June 20-22, 2013 in Long Beach, California. Visit the Symposium wesbsite at PIsymposium.org.


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Research has shown that as a group, the parrot family — Psittacidae — has a higher percentage of endangered species than any other bird family on earth. Collar et al. (1994) have identified 90 species of parrots that are at risk of global extinction. Amazingly 30% of New World Parrots — 44 species — are considered at risk of global extinction.  

Parrots International supports and promotes conservation and reintroduction efforts on an ongoing basis. We are involved mainly with New World — Neotropical — parrots, as we are US-based and are able to most effectively utilize our funds and volunteer staff within Latin American and the Caribbean, where the highest percentage of endangered parrot species are located.

Sit back, take a tour, and explore the world of parrots in the wild.

Parrots International benefits parrots everywhere

Parrots International is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, not for profit, organization with the goal of benefiting parrots everywhere by promoting and fostering international cooperation.

Parrots International's ambition is to promote the conservation of endangered parrot species and to improve the lives of companion parrots.

We work in cooperation with other conservation organizations, donors, field research teams, responsible aviculturists and parrot clubs to propose, develop and fund conservation projects throughout the world. We support conservation via aviculture and emphasize "in situ" conservation with the premise that "Conservation Happens in the Wild."

Additionally, we promote the education of the public and parrot owners on the proper care and unique requirements of healthy, happy companion parrots.




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